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Contraception & Birth Control Specialist

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Contraception is a highly personal choice, and one that can have a significant bearing on a woman's future. Bay Area Obstetrics & Gynecology helps women from Daly City, CA, and throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay area understand their options so they can select the best method for their needs.

Contraception and Birth Control Q & A

How many types of contraception are available?

Today, women have several options when it comes to birth control. In addition to birth control pills, implantable IUDs, arm implants and diaphragms are all available, as well as tubal ligations for more permanent birth control. The best way to determine which option is the best one for your needs and your lifestyle is to schedule an office visit so you can learn about all your choices.

Can any of these birth control options protect me from STDs?

No, all of these options are designed solely to help prevent pregnancy, and not to prevent transmission of an STD.

What happens during an IUD placement procedure?

IUDs are small T-shaped devices that can be implanted in a quick procedure performed right in the office. The procedure begins just like a pelvic exam: You'll lie on your back, and a speculum will be used to widen the vaginal canal gently. The IUD will be placed into your uterus through the cervical opening. A local anesthetic can be injected into the cervix to prevent possible discomfort if needed. The IUD features a long plastic tail that hangs down into the vaginal canal. Because there is a slight chance, an IUD could become displaced and fall out. you should feel for this tail to ensure the IUD is still in place before having intercourse.

How is a diaphragm fitted?

Diaphragms fit over your cervix – the opening of your uterus – to prevent sperm from entering. Diaphragm fitting is completed like a pelvic exam, using a speculum to widen the vaginal canal so your cervix can be accessed. Different sizes of diaphragms are “tried on” your cervix to achieve the best possible fit. When using a diaphragm, it's also important to use a spermicide to provide extra protection.

Insurance Providers Accepted

Please note, this is not an all-inclusive list of insurances we accept, contracting with insurance plans can change at any time. Please contact the office to see if we currently accept your plan.

Anthem Blue Cross PPO, EPO & POS
Blue Shield of California
Brown & Toland
Health Net
Hill Physicians Medical Group
Mail Handlers Benefit Plan
PersCare/PersChoice / Platinum
Sutter Select Plus (BTMG ONLY)
SutterSelect (UMR) PPO & EPO
Tricare Prime/Select (Authorization Required)